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New York, ny

every time I go to New York, I never want to leave. everything about it Is beautiful to me. it isn't about the huge buildings, lights or shopping... it's the people. there is so much diversity and life - inspiration radiates. 

this trip, I saw many things that gave me inspiration but what stuck out the most is it's differences

art comes in Many different shapes, sizes, forms and even sounds. this city generates all of those with no effort.... it made me reflect and think - why do we try so hard to create something so similar to the next person? 

try new things with your creations or projects and show others your diversity. art and design is continuously evolving so don't hold back. ever. 

even if you think others won't like it... so what? it's you and that is what is important. 

the beginning

attention (whoever is reading this): 

February 2020 is the official launch of designsxlaura and I could not be any happier. 

This is it. I'm finally doing it. I'm going down a path. *huge smile* 

I put this step off for so long and it was mostly for fear of the unknown but I have overcome with a little bit of effort, education and support from family and friends. 

this blog section will not be about my feelings but more of my journey, helpful tips and the things I've learned along the way... and honestly? if I take a cute picture of a cat and I can't help myself, it will probably be here too. 

if you're reading this, thank you so much for your support and I can't wait to show you all the content that I will be creating with my clients. 

til' next time...